Membership Costs

All members maintain SSA membership  
Demo (Booster) flight ASK-21- $150 (3000' tow), $175 (4000' tow),$200 (5000' tow) - Gift Certificates Available

Full membership *

Family membership * $450
Trial membership *
(Valid for 12 months/applies toward full membership fees)
Monthly Dues per member $65/$45/$20 ($65 for family membership, $45 for adult members, $20 for high school or middle school age members)
Daily membership (visiting pilot with own sailplane) $25
Line person credit per hour - Credit to students under 21, working at ground handling, washing and cleaning aircraft flight line duty during operations $5
Tow plane pilot credit per tow $5 ($3 to Pilot, $2 to Maintenance fund)
*= Includes first flight and first month's dues  

Flight Expenses

Per Tow Minute $8, MINIMUM Tow is 3 minutes
Student Pilot $6 (Dual), $8 (Solo)
Air Retrieve $100 (plus cost of tow)



Student negotiates rate with Instructor